Past Sermons

Most of the sermons preached at NCF are recorded for the benefit of those who may have missed a particular sermon, or for those who wish to listen to a sermon again.

Sermon files are in MP3 format, at reduced (24 bit) quality.  However the files are still typically 6 to 8mb, so a reasonably high speed internet connection is required.  We recommend that you right-click on a particular sermon to SAVE it (download it to your computer) prior to attempting to listen to it.  

Recordings of talks, together with notes, from some of the courses conducted at NCF can be found on our Teaching and Courses page.  

DATESPEAKERSERMON TITLE – Click to play immediately, or right click and choose “Save Target As” to download for later listening
15th March 2020Levy MwendaHave Faith in God
8th March 2020Matthew RaymondHearing God’s Voice
1st March 2020Ziso MoyoOur Days
23rd February 2020Blessings SamboAttributes of the Holy Spirit 
9th February 2020George SnymanFrom One Generation to the Next 
2nd February 2020Levy MwendaLet Go and Let God 
26th January 2020Chewe KamboleProsperity 
19th January 2020Manuel SeptForgiveness 
15th December 2019Levy MwendaFor to us a Child is Born 
8th December 2019Marc DamourAdvent
10th November 2019Steve PowellBeware of the Path that Leads to Destruction
3rd November 2019Colin VoiceFellowship
6th October 2019Steve PowellPlank in Your Eye
29th September 2019Ziso MoyoNo Audio
22nd September 2019Marc DamourFaithfulness and Prayer
15th September 2019Levy MwendaHow God Sees Us
8th September 2019Chewe KamboleAspects of Worship
1st September 2019Steve PowellDo Your Part
11th August 2019Lis ChaseCasting Your Brudens onto God
28th July 2019Levy MwendaCome Let Us Rebuild the Wall
21st July 2019Matthew F. RaymondNo Audio
14th July 2019Tim MillerFacing the Giants in Our Life
7th July 2019Steve PowellThe King and the Exile
30th June 2019Chris KohnDon’t Stop Short
23rd June 2019Steve PowellPhilida and Her Eggs
16th June 2019Levy MwendaFather’s Heart
9th June 2019Steve PowellWhat I Have, I Give to You
2nd June 2019Mel WarrenLearning to Love Well
19th May 2019Steve PowellUnfortunately, recording is not usable
12th May 2019Mark DamourSeason of Easter
5th May 2019Madalitso KalondeHope and New Beginnings
28th April 2019David LukamaGod is with Us
21st April 2019Steve PowellUnfortunately, recording is not usable
14th April 2019Naomi VoiceUnfortunately, recording is not usable
7th April 2019Ziso MoyoUnfortunately, recording is not usable
31st March 2019Levy MwendaLive Above the Storms of Life
24th March 2019Naomi VoiceFruits of the Spirit, Part 2
17th March 2019Chris KohnWho God Says You Are
3rd March 2019Chewe KamboleReflecting on the Greatness of God
24th February 2019Steve PowellFoundations
17th February 2019Naomi VoiceFruits of the Spirit, Part 1
10th February 2019Levy MwendaThe Good Samaritan
3rd February 2019Mel WarrenPrayer
27th January 2019Ziso MoyoPrecious Stones – Pearls
13th January 2019Chewe KamboleResolving in God
6th January 2019Steve PowellThe Hand of God
16th December 2018David LukamaGood News
9th December 2018Naomi VoiceHope
2nd December 2018Steve PowellStanding in the Gap
25th November 2018Mel WarrenPeace & Grace
18th November 2018Levy MwendaExpression of Praise & Worship in Scripture
11th November 2018Chris KohnRecalibration of Belief
28th October 2018Steve PowellMe and Forgiveness
21st October 2018David LukamaThe Race of Faith
14th October 2018Chewe KamboleTrust in the Lord
7th October 2018Steve PowellUnfortunately, recording is not usable
30th September 2018Naomi VoiceNo Audio
23rd September 2018Mel WarrenWhat Does Your Fruit Look Like?
16th September 2018Levy MwendaJesus Came with the Purpose of Making His Father Known
9th September 2018Steve PowellLifting Jesus Up
2nd September 2018Ziso MoyoAre You a Climber or a Camper?
26th August 2018Family Service (No Recording)
19th August 2018No Service 
12th August 2018Ronald MwanaumbiGifts of the Spirit
5th August 2018No Service 
29th July 2018Steve PowellDon’t Count Yourself Out
22nd July 2018David LukamaThe Good News
8th July 2018Steve PowellHarmony to Disharmony and Back Again
1st July 2018Ziso MoyoGod is Waiting
24th June 2018Levy MwendaTake Heart
17th June 2018Family Service (No Recording)
10th June 2018David LukamaThe Parable of the Loving Father
3rd June 2018VideoNo Recording
27th May 2018Steve PowellFear and Having Confidence In God
20th May 2018Jacob NielsenThe Talents (Unfortunately, recording is not usable)
13th May 2018David LukamaBlessed 2
6th May 2018David LukamaBlessed (Unfortunately, recording is not usable)
29th April 2018Marci HooverWhat is True Worship
22nd April 2018Ziso MoyoThe Mercy of God
15th April 2018Madalitso KalombeHoly Spirit Guidance
11th February 2018Jason HensleySanctification (Unfortunately, recording is not usable)
4th February 2018Tim MillerProdigal Son – Luke 1  (Unfortunately, recording is not usable)
28th January 2018Madalisto KalombeUnfortunately, recording is not usable
21st January 2018Sharing SessionNot recorded
14th January 2018Tim MillerDaniel- unfortunately not recorded
7th January 2018No Service 
31st December 2017No Service 
25th December 2017Jason HensleyChristmas Reading
24th December 2017Jason HensleyChristmas Quiz (based on Tim Challies blog post available here *Used by permission*)
17th December 2017Christmas Carol ServiceNot Recorded
10th December 2017DVD PresentationNot Recorded
3rd December 2017Steve PowellAdvent
26th November 2017Melissa WhitcombePsalm 77
19th November 2017Jason HensleyChristian Suffering
12th November 2017David LukamaThe Good Shepherd
4th November 2017Melissa WarenHope is an Anchor
29th October 2017Jason HensleyThe Reformation
22nd October 2017Ziso MoyoLove
15th October 2017Jodie CollinsDavid: A man after God’s heart
8th October 2017Tim MillerWorship
1st October 2017Jason HensleyThe Gospel
24th September 2017Tim MillerRuth Chapter 4
17th September 2017Tim MillerRuth Chapter 3
10th  September 2017Tim MillerThe Blessings of God
3rd  September 2017Tim MillerMy God is My King
27th August 2017Tim MillerCommunion Service (No recording)
20th August 2017n/aNo Service
13th August 2017n/aSharing Service  (No recording)
6th August 2017n/aNo Service
30th July 2017Tim Miller The Last Supper
23rd July 2017Tim Miller Final Instructions
16th July 2017Jason HensleyThe Christian Household
9th July 2017Jason HensleyPutting on the New 
2nd July 2017Tim Miller Raised with Christ
25th June 2017David LukamaWe are a Team
18th June 2017Steve PowellBeing filled with the spirit 
11th June 2017Jason HensleyFreedom in Christ
4th June 2017Tim MillerFreedom in Christ 
28th May 2017Jason HensleyMinistry of Christ Through His People
21st May 2017n/aChurch Camp (No recording)
14th May 2017Tim MillerThe Supremacy of Christ
7th May 2017Tim MillerHope 
30th April 2017James CalvertTwo Trees
23rd April 2017Jason HensleyThe Two Natures of Man
16th April 2017Steve PowellThe Easter Story
9th April 2017 Ziso MoyoEagle
2nd April 2017Jason HensleyCovetness
26th March 2017Jodie CollinsHold to the truth 
19th March 2017n/aFamily Service – Not Recorded 
12th March 2017David LukamaThou Shall Not Steal
5th March 2017Tim MillerDo Not Commit Adultery
26th February 2017Tim MillerThou Shall Not Murder
19th February 2017Jason HensleyHonour Your Parents
12th February 2017Melissa WhitcombeSabath
5th February 2017Ziso MoyoVoice of God
29th January 2017David LukamaUsing the Name of Lord in Vain
22nd January 2017Jason HensleyIdols (Ten Comandments)
15th January 2017Tim MillerThe First Moment
8th January 2017n/aNo Service
1st January 2017n/aNo Service
25th December 2016Jason HensleyNot Recorded
18th December 2016Carol ServiceNot Recorded
11th December 2016David LukamaHope in a Hopeless Situation
4th December 2016n/aFamily Service – Not Recorded
27th November 2016n/aService at the Ponds – Not Recorded
20th November 2016Jason HensleyListening to God
13th November 2016Tim MillerThe Holiness of God
6th November 2016David LukamaA God that Acts
30th October 2016Johanas Schraber Letting Jesus Shine
23rd  October 2016Tim Miller How can we serve a God who doesn’t need anything
16th October 2016Jason HensleyHonour and Shame
9th October 2016n/aFamily Service – Not Recorded
2nd October 2016Ziso MoyoOil
25th September 2016Tim MillerCarrying your cross
18th September 2016Steve PowellUnited We Stand
11th September 2016David LukamaDiscipleship
4th September 2016Jason HensleyHeavenly Citizenship
28th August 2016n/aNo service
21st August 2016Tim MillerBring Your Thirst to Jesus
14th August 2016n/aNo service
7th August 2016Ziso MoyoBeauty for Ashes
31st July 2016David LukamaNdola Christian Fellowship
24th July 2016Andrew McKecknieNebuchadnezzar’s Dream
17th July 2016Tim MillerFrom a Distance
10th July 2016Ziso MoyoMind
3rd July 2016Wayne DulsonStick of Rock Christian
26th June 2016Tim MillerPsalm 23
19th June 2016Wayne DulsonKeep Going, Your are Worth It
12th  June 2016Chris KohnFears and hopes
5th  June 2016Tim MillerThankfulness
29th May 2016n/aFun day at the Ponds
22nd May 2016Mike SampsonGiving
15th May 2016Ziso Moyo7 Feasts of Israel
8th May 2016Tim MillerThe Parable of the Talents
1st May 2016n/aFamily Service – Not Recorded
24th April 2016Melissa WhitcombeJesus calms the storm
17th April 2016David LukamaUnnoticed yet Priceless
10th April 2016Tim MillerForgiveness
3rd April 2016Andrew McKecknieBut God
27th March 2016Tim MillerRaised with Christ
20th March 2016David LukamaServing a powerful God
13th March 2016Gavin WilliamsThe aroma of Christ
6th  March 2016Peder PedersonDisappointment with Jesus
28th February 2016Andrew McKecknieOrderly Worship
21st February 2016Tim MillerWaiting
14th February 2016Ziso MoyoBecoming One
7th February 2016Mike SampsonStorms of Conflict
31st January 2016Andrew McKecknieBasic Temperaments – Part 2
24th January 2016Johannes SchaberThe Goodness of God
17th January 2016 Not recorded
10th January 2016Steve PowellHe was only a Waiter
13th December 2015Claire StonierWaiting
6th December 2015David LukumaGod Wants to Speak to You
29th November 2015Andrew McKecknieBasic Temperaments – Part 1
22nd November 2015Tim MillerOne Humanity in Christ
15th November 2015Steve PowellThree Groups – Three Opportunities
8th November 2015Tim MillerUnion with Christ
1st November 2015Jason StonierRadical Redemption
25th October 2015Mike SampsonDiscipleship
18th October 2015n/aNo recording – National day of Prayer
11th October 2015Tim MillerPaul’s Prayer for the Ephesians
4th October 2015Andrew McKechnieHow to Grow Spiritually (Part 2)
27th September 2015Tim MillerEphesians in Christ
20th September 2015Steve PowellFaith
13th September 2015Mike Sampson The Blessings
6th September 2015Andrew McKechnieHow to Grow Spiritually (Part 1)
30th August 2015Marci HooverFear
23rd August 2015Jason StonierOur Citizenship is in Heaven
16th August 2015Ziso MoyoTowards Maturity 
9th August 2015Tim MillerGod is all we Need
2nd August 2015Andrew McKechnieForegiveness (Part 2)
26th July 2015Andy PatchingKingdom of God
19th July 2015Steve PowellA True Friend
12th July 2015David CraigThe Call of God
5th July 2015Jason StonierPrayer
28 June 2015Tim MillerIntro to Spiritual Disciplines
21 June 2015Andrew McKechnieForgiveness
14 June 2015Tim MillerLiving for the Audience of One – Church Camp
13 June 2015Tim MillerServant Hood – Church Camp
7 June 2015Mike SampsonGod’s Grace
31 May 2015Andrew McKechnieA New Covenant
24 May 2015Ziso MoyoGod’s Kind of Love
17 May 2015John PedersonWhy Should we Store Up God’s Word
3 May 2015Tim MillerAdopted in Christ (Unfortunately not recorded)
19 April 2015Johannes SchaberHow Do We Handle Disappointment?
12 April 2015John PedersenStoring Up God’s Word in Your Heart (note:  the recording starts a few minutes into the sermon.  Turn to Luke 12:13-21 – the parable of the Rich Fool – before you start listening.)
5 April 2015Murray McDonaldJesus is Alive 
29 March 2015Conrad KlingenbergThe Seasons of Life – Winter
22 March 2015Steve PowellA Different Point of View
15 March 2015Claire StonierJesus Heals the Paralytic
08 March 2015Murray McDonaldGiving
01 March 2015Tim MillerUnfortunately no recording
22nd February 2015Steve PowellGod of the Impossible
15th February 2015Conrad KlingenbergDays of Rest and Preparation
8th February 2015Tim MillerThe Lord is There
1st February 2015Jason StonierJesus be the Centre
25th January 2015Murray McDonaldPriorities
18th January 2015Tim MillerGod is so Good
11th January 2015John PedersenBut God
4th January 2015Andrew McKechnieTo God be the Glory – Part 2
25th December 2015Murray McDonaldChristmas Day
21st December 2014Andrew McKechnieTo God be the Glory – Part 1
7th December 2014John PedersenWhen Jesus borrowed a Child’s Lunch
30th November 2014Murray McDonaldDon’t Forget God
23rd November 2014ConradThe Seasons of Life – Summer – Softer & Sweeter
16th November 2014Tim MillerTurn your eyes upon Jesus
9th November2014Jason StonierLove over Law
2nd November 2014Ziso MoyoGrace
26th October 2014ConradThe Seaons of Life – Summer
19th October 2014Andrew McKechnieGod’s Plan for Us
12th October 2014Tim MillerThe Love of the Father
5th October 2014Murray McDonaldIsaiah
21st September 2014Jason StonierThe Body of Christ
14th September 2014Lazarus PhiriTemptation
7th September 2014John PedersenIntroduction to Storing Up God’s Word in the Heart
31st August 2014Murray McDonaldBaptism
24th August 2014Andy PatchingThe Kingdom
17th August 2014Andrew McKechnieMark – The Parables
10th August 2014Conrad The Seasons of Life
3rd August 2014Andrew McKechnieMark – The Disciples
27th July 2014John PedersenEncouragement
20th July 2014Moffat ZimbaTrust In The Lord
13th July 2014Murray McDonaldOrdination Of Deacons
6th July 2014Peter PedersenJesus IS Coming Back
29th June 2014Andrew McKechnieIntroducing Arnold Mol
22nd June 2014CharlieAnswering God’s Call
15th June 2014AndrewMark – The Sabbath
8th June 2014Jorn PedersenEncouragement
1st June 2014Conrad In Season 
25th May 2014Murray Isaiah 
18th May 2014CharlieStreams of Living Water
11th May 2014Graham GernetzkyOrdination – Paul & Bec Farnham
4th May 2014Andrew Mark – The Beginning of the Conflict 
27th April 2014Conrad In Season 
20th April 2014MurrayIsaiah 
13th April 2014Derek MutunguHail, King Jesus
6th April 2014Murray Isaiah 
30th March 2014ConradIn Season
23rd March 2014ConradIn Season
16th March 2014AndrewMark
9th March 2014MurrayIsaiah
23rd February 2014Kieran McCleanWho Is This God We Serve? Follow THIS LINK to view
the video clip “The Wall” that Kieran showed during this sermon.
16th February 2014Conrad KlingenbergSpring – Final Part
9th February 2014Andrew McKechnieMark – The First Sabbath At Capernaum
2nd February 2004Charlie WattThe Armour of God (Family Service)
26th January 2014Murray McDonaldLet Us Walk In The Light Of The Lord
19th January 2014Ziso MoyoTo Proclaim The Year Of The Lord’s Favour
12th January 2014Conrad KlingenbergSpring
5th January 2014Andrew McKechnieMark
22nd Dececember 2013Andy PatchingShine God’s Light – A Christmas Challenge
8th December 2013ConradIn Season
1st December 2013Andrew McKechnieMark 1
17th November 2013Charlie Watt Fear Of The Future
10th November 2013Graham GConnections Cont’d
3rd November 2013CharlieThe Lost Coin – Childrens’ Service
27th October 2013Graham GMoving To The Next Level
20th October 2013MurrayFor Nothing Is Impossible With God 
13th October 2013Graham GConnections Cont’d
  The NCF Family Camp 2013 series is titled “Making Room For God”
6th October 2013Graham GCamp Session 3
5th October 2013Graham GCamp Session 2
5th October 2013Graham GCamp Session 1
15th September 2013Graham GConnections: Purposes, Benefits and Results (Plus Powerpoint here.)
8th September 2013Graham GGet Connected. (Plus download the accompanying powerpoint here.)
1st September 2013Graham GernetzkyConnections
25th August 2013AndrewRemarkable!
18th August 2013ConradIn Season – Summer
11th August 2013Augustine PhiriHealing
4th August 2013MurrayLessons to learn from Judas
28th July 2013CharlieHurt
21st July 2013Lazarus PhiriGrowing Holy Children
14th July 2013AndrewDaniel, Chapter 11
7th July 2013ConradIn Season – Spring
23rd June 2013MurrayLiving The Lifestyle
16th June 2013CharlieThe Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
9th June 2013Derek MutunguThe Inescapable Value Of The Father
2nd June 2013AndrewDid Jesus Know He Was Going To Die?
26th May 2013ConradIn Season
19th May 2013MurrayHow God Can Use Our Desert Experiences
5th May 2013Ziso MoyoOpen Our Spiritual Eyes!
28th April 2013CharlieHe Guides Me In Paths Of Righteousness
21st April 2013Jo TakouniTestimony
21st April 2013ConradLove Never Fails
14th April 2013Andrew McKechnieDaniel Chapter 11
7th April 2013Etienne BeaudCrossing Borders For Christ
31st March 2013Murray McDonaldJesus Is Risen; Therefore We Can Believe His Priomises
24th March 2013Conrad KlingenbergLove Always Perseveres
17th March 2013Ziso MoyoIs It Genuine?
10th March 2013Lazarus PhiriGiving to Charity, Praying and Fasting
3rd March 2013Andrew McKechnieDaniel Chapter 10
24th February 2013Kieran McCleanNew Wineskins (or Why we should leave our shoelaces untied!)
17th February 2013Conrad KlingenbergLove Always Hopes
10th February 2013Andy PatchingCommunicate With and Immerse In God
3rd February 2013Andrew McKechnieDaniel Chapter 9
27th January 2013Charlie WattDedication Service, Olivia de Klerk
20th January 2013Rodwell SimukondaGod IS Able
13th January 2013Murray McDonaldGetting To Know: John The Apostle
6th January 2013Conrad KlingenbergGod Always Trusts
30th December 2012Andrew McKechnieYour New Year’s Resolution
25th December 2012Charlie WattJesus The Creator
16th December 2012Murray McDonald A Christmas Message
9th December 2012Peter PedersenJesus Triumphed In Death
2nd December 2012Conrad KlingenbergGod Always Protects
25th November 2012Andrew McKechnieDaniel Chapter 8
18th November 2012Ziso MoyoWhich Is Better?
11th November 2012Murray McDonaldTrusting Through Troubles
4th November 2012Conrad KlingenbergGod Rejoices In THe Truth
28th October 2012Charlie WattHe Restores My Soul
21st October 2012Ziso MoyoFailure Is Not Final
14th October 2012Andrew McKechnieDaniel Chapter 7 
7th October 2012Murray McDonald  Divine Order – Getting Our Perspectives Right
29th and 30th September 2012
Church Camp
Graham GernetzkyThe Wells Of Salvation Part 1
The Wells of Salvation Part 2
Part 3, Introduction to Communion
The Wells of Salvation Part 4 
23rd September 2012Kit JensenFaith Evidenced Through Works
16th September 2012Conrad KlingenbergGod Does Not Delight In Evil
9th September 2012Andrew McKechnieDaniel Chapter 6, The Lions Den
2nd September 2012Murray McDonaldLessons From Scotland
26th August 2012Andrew Ramsey God Saved Samson!
19th August 2012Andy PatchingBe Church, Do Kingdom!
12th August 2012Dave GarrardBeing Born Again
5th August 2012CharlieBusy-ness
29th July 2012ConradGod Does Not Keep Records of Wrongs
22nd July 2012CharlieWorry
15th July 2012MurrayThe Great Sin
8th July 2012ConradGod is not Provoked 
24th June 2012Jorn PedersenBe Zealous For Revival
17th June 2012Andrew McKechnieDaniel Chapter 5
10th June 2012Lazarus PhiriBe Holy
20th May 2012Conrad KlingenbergGod Is Not Self-Centred
13th May 2012Andrew McKechnieDaniel Chapter 4
6th May 2012Ziso MoyoThe Temple Of The Holy Spirit
8th April 2012Andrew McKechnieDaniel Chapter 3
1st April 2012 Special music service
25th March 2012Murray McDonaldThe Problem of Sin
18th March 2012Immanuel PhiriThe Awesome Death of Jesus Christ
11th March 2012Andrew McKechnieDaniel Chapter 2
4th March 2012Charlie WattThe Normal Christian Birth
26th February 2012Murray McDonaldThe Morning Watch
26th February 2012Andrew McKechnieDedication
19th February 2012Andy Patching Sonship 
12th February 2012Conrad KlingenbergGod Is Not Proud, Pt 2 
5th February 2012Andrew McKechnie Daniel Chapter 1 
29th January 2012Murray McDonaldFaith
15th January 2012Charlie WattA Marriage Blessing
8th January 2012Murray McDonald Priorities 
1st January 2012Andrew McKechnieA Time For Everything
25th December 2011Charlie WattChristmas Day
11th December 2011Conrad KlingenbergGod Does Not Boast
3rd December 2011Charlie WattJesus is Coming AGAIN!
27th November 2011Ziso MoyoWhat God Has Cleansed, Let No Man Call Common
20th November 2011Andrew RamseyKeep Watch Over Yourselves
13th November 2011Andrew McKechnieA Tree and its Fruit
6th November 2011Conrad Klingenberg God Does Not Envy 
30th October 2011Murray McDonaldGod is the Commander of our Ship
23rd October 2011Andrew RamseyGo! Make a Difference For Jesus
16th October 2011Charlie WattFaith
9th October 2011 Moffat Zimba Where Our Worries Belong! 
2nd October 2011 Conrad Klingenberg God Is Kind 
25th September (Camp 2)Andrew RamseyWho Are You, God?
24th September (Camp 1)Andrew RamseyWho Am I, That I Can Do What God Asks Of Me?
11th September 2011Graham GernetzkyGod Is Coming – A Prophetic Message
4th September 2011Andrew RamseyGod Says “Test Me”
28th August 2011Andrew McKechniePrayer: Listening To God
21st August 2011Charlie WattForgiveness, Pt 2
14th August 2011Conrad KlingenbergGod Loves Us – Infinitely!
31st July 2011Murray McDonaldPerspective: Beware the Busy-ness
17th July 2011Conrad KlingenbergFinding The Heart Of God
10th July 2011Andrew RamseySpeak Truth, As Jesus Did
26th June 2011Charlie WattForgive Us Our Sins
12th June 2011Murray McDonaldJoseph
5th June 2011Andrew RamseySong Of Songs
29th May 2011Babette KlingenbergFamily Service; teaching on Communion
22nd May 2011Andrew McKechniePrayer Pt 3; The Hurt of Unanswered Prayer
8th May 2011Andrew RamseyWhy Why Why?
27th March 2011Andy PatchingThe Lord Needs YOU!!
16th January 2011Moffat ZimbaWe Need Disabled Christians!
2nd January 2011Andrew Ramsey2nd Hand Christians and Windows 95 Christians! (poor sound quality)
25th December 2010Dave HunterThe Seven “F”s
19th December 2010Andrew McKechnieWho’s Helping Cook?
21st November 2010Andrew RamseyGod of the Great And Small
14th November 2010Manie LombardChristian Atheists?
7th November 2010Ziso Moyo Men: Be A Strong Foundation For Your Family
31st October 2010Andrew RamseyCamp Talk IV: Getting Back Into The Boat
24th October 2010Charlie WattHearing God’s Guidance
17th October 2010 Moffat Zimba’s sermon unfortunately not recorded
10th October 2010David LittlehalesStop Sinning!
3rd October 2010Conrad KlingenbergKeep Your Pencil Sharp
3rd October 2010Rob ShielTestimony 
25th September 2010                                                 

Andrew Ramsey

Staying Afloat Part 1
25th September 2010


Staying Afloat Part 2
26th September 2010


Staying Afloat Part 3
19th September 2010David LittlehalesBattered and Bruised? 
12th September 2010Murray McDonaldKing David
5th September 2010Charlie WattTrust in the Lord
29th August 2010Andrew RamseyIt’s Hard For You To Kick Against The Goads!
22nd August 2010Andrew McKechniePrayer: Too Busy Not To Pray
15th August 2010Ziso MoyoClick Here
8th August 2010David GarrardClick Here
1st August 2010Conrad KlingenbergClick Here
25th July 2010Murray McDonald Click Here
18th July 2010Moffat ZimbaClick Here
4th July 2010Andrew McKechnie Trust God
27th June 2010David LittlehalesLove, Faith And Hope
20th June 2010Kit JensenAnger and our Behaviour
13th June 2010Rodwell SimukondaDealing with Negatives in Life
13th June 2010RodwellI Know the Lord Laid Hands on Me. Rodwell sang this impromptu
song before his message; thanks to Terry for managing to record
it without prior warning!
6th June 2010Andrew RamseyAre You a Spiritual Bed-Head?
30th May 2010Kit JensenEmbrace Trials, Flee Temptations. (short breaks in recording)
23rd May 2010Andrew McKechnieAnger Management
16th May 2010Murray McDonald God’s Firsts for our Lives
9th May 2010Charlie WattPerseverance and Endurance
2nd May 2010Andrew RamseyUnfortunately not recorded
25th April 2010 Graham Gernetzky Divine Order (Sun)  (See more material here)
  Arctic Fire. The video clip referred to by Graham at the
end of his sermon.
18th April 2010Ziso MoyoLike Father, Like Son.
 11th April 2010 Conrad Klingenberg Jesus has fulfilled the law.
 4th April 2010Charlie and Sharonne Watt  Jesus is Alive!
 2nd April 2010Andrew RamseyIt Is Finished! 
28th March 2010Andy PatchingSpirit, Soul and Body (Pt 3); Living in the Spirit.
7th March 2010Lazarous PhiriOur Position in Christ
28th February 2010David MarsonProdigal Sons
21st February 2010Derek MutunguPray For The Nations
14th Febuary 2010Charlie WattLove
7th February 2010Ziso MoyoS.H.A.P.E. part 2
31st January 2010 Apologies, sermon not recorded.
24th January 2010Tim MeierLaw and Grace
17th January 2010Murray McDonaldChildren and Parents
10th January 2010Charlie WattTradition and a fresh look at Jesus
3rd January 2010Andrew McKechnieFriends
20th December 2009Andrew RamseyActs 2:42
6th December 2009Murray McDonaldGod’s Promises
29th November 2009 Special thanksgiving service, no recorded sermon this week.
22nd November 2009Andrew McKechnieSpeaking Truth
15th November 2009Ray OliverThe Church according to Jesus
 1st November 2009Murray McDonald Having God’s Joy
18th October 2009Andy PatchingUnfortunately technical difficulties prevented Andy’s
excellent next installment on our being “Spirit, Soul
and Body in that order” from being recorded.
 11th October 2009 Andrew McKechnie The Tool of Discipline
4th October 2009Charlie & Sharonne WattUnfortunately a power cut just after they started
prevented recording of their joint talk on De-Cluttering our lives.
27/9 Camp 2009Malcolm SmithStepping Out Of The Boat part 2
26/9 Camp pm 2009Graham GurnetzkyYou need to do something new for God to
do something new in you!
26/9 Camp am 2009Malcolm SmithStepping Out Of The Boat part 1
20th September 2009Lazarous PhiriWhy Worry? God is in Control.
13th September 2009ConradIt’s Because of Jesus!
6th September 2009Andy PatchingRely On The Spirit of God
30th August 2009ConradThe Roadblock Of Regret
23rd August 2009Ziso MoyoS.H.A.P.E.
16th August 2009Andrew McKechnieClick here
8th August 2009  
2nd August 2009 Special service, no sermon this week.
26th July 2009Moffat ZimbaBeing a real Christian…!
19th July 2009Bully CloeteThe Storms in our Lives
12th July 2009Tom WalthuisA Psalmic Pilgrimage through Jerusalem
5th July 2009Peter PedersenIsrael (Over an hour & approx 15Mb) but essential teaching
28th June 2009Kieran McCleanGetting out of the Boat
21st June 2009Ziso MoyoClick Here
14th June 2009Andrew McKechnieClick here.
7th June 2009Conrad KlingenbergSermon unfortunately not recorded
31st May 2009Murray McDonaldThe Authority of Jesus
17th May 2009Moffat ZimbaExalt Christ in Your Life
10th May 2009Charlie WattPitfalls Everywhere!
3rd May 2009Andrew McKechnieIn search of God’s Wisdom
26th April 2009Murray McDonaldClick here
19th April 2009Andrew RamseyWho Are You Looking For?
12th April 2009 Special Easter service, no sermon
5th April 2009Bully CloeteWho Shall I Send?
29th March 2009Conrad KlingenbergTrusting God
22nd March 2009Tim MarsdenProducing a harvest
15th March 2009Kieran McCleanGrowth in Adversity
8th March 2009Peter KanaganayagamGod’s healing power – a personal testimony.
1st March 2009Murray McDonaldWhat is Baptism? And why should we be Baptised?
22nd February 2009Andy PatchingSpirit First. Plus, Click here for Notes and Bible verses.
15th February 2009Andrew McKechnieUnfortunately Andrew’s excellent message was not recorded.
8th February 2009Dave SlavenWho cares for your Soul?
1st February 2009Conrad KlingenbergClick Here
25th January 2009Murray McDonaldBe an Encourager
18th January 2009Charles FowlerDo not be Lukewarm!
11th January 2009Charlie WattRomans. We all need righteousness.
4th January 2009Andrew RamseyIntimacy with God (and relationships with his people)
28th December 2008Jaco ScholtzThank God, Always!
25th December 2008Charlie WattInvite Jesus to your Christmas Party!
21st December 2008Murray McDonaldJesus is Coming Again
23rd November 2008Conrad KlingenbergClick Here
9th November 2008Murray McDonaldGod Knows Us
26th October 2008Andrew McKechnieJob
12th October 2008Moffat ZimbaClick Here
5th October 2008Jaco ScholtzClick here
14th September 2008Andrew RamseyBarnabas. What will they say about you?
7th September 2008Lazarus PhiriHeaven – Will You Be There?
31st August 2008Charlie WattHonesty with God
10th August 2008Moffat ZimbaBe a blessing to others
3rd August 2008Charlie WattDecisions, decisions…
27th July 2008Moffat ZimbaJoy in the Lord
13th July 2008Murray McDonaldThe source of wisdom
29th June 2008Bunty BunceAmbassadors for God (12.3 MB)
22nd June 2008Jaco ScholtzFriends
15th June 2008Bully CloeteMy face
8th June 2008Murray McDonaldSpiritual Cleanliness
1st June 2008Andrew RamseyGuidance and obedience


Idols (Ten Comandments)